Unthought Environments

Unthought Environments
  • Unthought Environments
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    Earth, water, fire, air. Sunlight, weather systems, rare earth minerals, and electromagnetic forces, to name only a few other things. These phenomena of the elemental world are integral to our daily lives but they can be elusive, easily forgotten, or deliberately kept out of sight: the hidden components of our virtual worlds, factors in geopolitics, or deeper influences on human habits and cultures. What are our “unthought environments” today?

    A group exhibition presented at the Renaissance Society in 2018, Unthought Environments was informed by evolving discussions in various fields, including media studies, ecology, and philosophy. Against this backdrop, new and recent artworks offered a set of explorations with different focal points in the elemental sphere as it intersects with our more human-made domains. 

    18 x 24", double-sided
    unfolded, shipped rolled

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