Pierre Huyghe
Pierre Huyghe: The Third Memory

Pierre Huyghe: The Third Memory
  • Pierre Huyghe: The Third Memory
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    Huyghe’s works scrutinize the mechanisms of the film and television industry that translate and filter reality. This new work, produced in collaboration with Centre Pompidou in Paris, centers on Sydney Lumet’s Dog Day Afternoon, a 1975 fictional film based on a Brooklyn bank robbery. By bringing together archival news footage of the actual event, excerpts from the film, and footage of John Wojtowicz, the person upon whom Al Pacino’s character Sonny Wortzik is based, Huyghe examines the intersection between film, filmic reality, reality as memory, and reality as constructed by the media.

    18 x 24", double-sided
    unfolded, shipped rolled
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