Teen Paranormal Romance

Teen Paranormal Romance
  • Teen Paranormal Romance
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    Within popular culture, expression given to adolescent drives has only intensified as the genre of Teen Romance has been distilled and repackaged as Teen Paranormal Romance. Curator Hamza Walker cited Twilight, The Hunger Games, True Blood, and the Divergent Trilogy as dystopic, psychosexual cyphers for the panoply of Obama-era ideological positions from revanchist religious, economic, and sexual politics to Libertarian fever-dream apocalypticism. This exhibition sampled artistic production in the wake of a zeitgeist that has rendered the unconscious a derelict playground home to weeds of surrealism.

    This poster was Anna Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen’s contribution to the exhibition and formed part of their 2013-15 series of distributables, 18 x 24.

    18 x 24", double-sided
    unfolded, shipped rolled
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