Laura Letinsky and John Paul Morabito
Stain Napkins *SOLD OUT*

Stain Napkins   *SOLD OUT*
  • Stain Napkins   *SOLD OUT*
  • $ 300.00

    This set of eight different napkins by Laura Letinsky and John Paul Morabito are made of a fine Spanish unbleached cotton and linen blend. Unexpectedly elegant and substantial in weight, each napkin has woven into the naturally colored fabric a digitally-configured spill pattern. With use, these napkins will acquire an ongoing patina as evidence of conviviality. The stain napkins embrace smears and dabs, both in their quiet beauty as well as a record of your life well-lived.

    Machine washable. Card with edition information attached.

    Each napkin 20" x 20"

    Edition of 300