Robert Grosvenor

Robert Grosvenor
  • Robert Grosvenor
  • $ 20.00

    Over his 50-year career, Robert Grosvenor has produced a body of work that is at once solidly physical and conceptual, muscular and fluid. In this solo exhibition, Grosvenor presents an untitled sculpture from 1989–90, re-contextualized within a spare architectural installation. In this sculpture, his use of materials from infrastructure evokes what critic John Yau calls the labor of “an anonymous worker”, its formal structure results in a meaning constantly reshaped by the viewers’ memories and their psychological responses. The poster presents a photographic work from an ongoing series Grosvenor has been producing over many years. These images not only demonstrate Grosvenor’s ongoing interest in the everyday, but also offer observations of the world through the eye of a sculptor.

    18 x 24", double-sided
    unfolded, shipped rolled
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