Katy Schimert
Oedipus Rex: The Drowned Man

Oedipus Rex: The Drowned Man
  • Oedipus Rex: The Drowned Man
  • $ 35.00

    In this solo exhibition, New-York based sculptor and filmmaker Katy Schimert focused on the figure of Oedipus, the archetype of Greek tragedy whom we understand primarily through strains of 19th century Romantic and intellectual thought culminating in Freud. Schimert, however, confounded Freud’s fixation with Oedipus by adopting the point of view of Antigone, Oedipus’ daughter/sister. Taken as a whole, her work, which include love letters, short films, ceramic sculptures and mixed-media drawings, represents a nostalgia for master narrative, her style a quirky capitulation to an age which is information rich yet emotionally redundant.

    The poster features a film still from Oedipus Rex: The Drowned Man (1997) and exhibition work Epilogue, Notes to Drowned Man (1995). 

    18 x 24", double-sided
    unfolded, shipped rolled

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