Ebecho Muslimova: FATEBE FITS

Ebecho Muslimova: FATEBE FITS
  • Ebecho Muslimova: FATEBE FITS
  • $ 15,000.00

    Unique handpainted Sumi ink on 2-color lithograph
    35 3/8 x 27 1/2 in (90 x 70 cm)


    This unique painting by Ebecho Muslimova features her iconic alter-ego, Fatebe against the backdrop of custom lithograph wallpaper designed by the artist. This wallpaper was central to her installation at the Renaissance Society in 2021, where Fatabe’s motif filled the museum’s entire entryway for the exhibition, Smashing into my heart. In the wallpaper’s repeating design, the cartoon figures both embrace and smother one another, suggest an unsettling, psychological discomfort alongside a humorous energy. In this new work, Fatebe occupies both foreground and backdrop, a doubling that extends the character’s various contortions and her awkward but unapologetic self-expressions as she finds herself in various discomfiting situations of her own making.

    Ebecho Muslimova (b. 1984, Makhachkala, Dagestan, RU) is a New York-based artist known primarily for her prolific paintings and works on paper that employ comedy, the absurd, and spatial scenarios of the imaginary, in depictions of ranging emotions and self-conscious behaviors that speak to experiences of being human.

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