Anna Shteynshleyger

Anna Shteynshleyger
  • Anna Shteynshleyger
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    Trained at Yale, Anna Shteynshleyger belongs to a generation of photographers whose work is notable for its formal beauty and technical execution. Her Renaissance Society exhibition featured approximately 20 works that poignantly document Shteynshleyger’s life over several years preceding the show. During that period, Shteynshleyger had to renegotiate her relationship to Orthodox Judaism, which she had practiced since the age of 16, after moving to the United States from Moscow where she was born. Too personal to qualify as documentary of the Orthodox Jewish community, Shteynshleyger’s work spans a variety of genres portraits, still-life, landscape, and interiors all of which will be included in the exhibition. The portraits and interiors display a sensitivity that is as questioning as it is knowing of its subjects.

    18 x 24", double-sided

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