Yutaka Sone
Yutaka Sone: Snowflake

Yutaka Sone: Snowflake
  • Yutaka Sone: Snowflake
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    This unique publication is based on a hand-bound book of collages made by Yutaka Sone on one of his favorite themes – snow, or more specifically, his love of the winter landscape and delight in winter sports.

    Sone applied white duct tape and painted with the aptly named White-Out on magazine images of mountains and snowboarders. On top of it all he added fragments of printed lyrics he wrote for the Snow Flake Band, a short-lived art rock outfit. A facsimile of the original collages, including the texture of duct tape and thickly applied White-Out, this gorgeous book is a virtuoso feat of offset print technology.

    2006, 32 pages, all color

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