Let me consider it from here

Let me consider it from here
  • Let me consider it from here
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    Group exhibition Let me consider it from here presented works by artists and poets who operate in the liminal realms between the public and the intimate, the concrete and the fantastical. This project has unfolded in a number of forms. As an exhibition, it presented artworks by Constance DeJong, Saul Fletcher, Brook Hsu, and Tetsumi Kudo. In a public reading, poets Geoffrey G. O’Brien, Simone White, and Lynn Xu shared newly commissioned poems. Together, the works of these artists and poets, in all their personal specificity and inescapable entanglements, open up new spaces of resonance.

    Featured on this poster is a photograph by Saul Fletcher, Untitled #23 (self/behind desk), 1997.

    18 x 24", double-sided
    unfolded, shipped rolled

    Related exhibition: Group show, Let Me Consider It From Here (2018 - 2019)